Carpet Cleaning
Basic Cleaning 1 Room    $45
1 Stair                                  $5

Sofa                                  $150
Love Sit                            $100
Ottoman                            $40
Recliner                            $80
Dinning Chairs                  $20
Upholstery Chair              $59

Stain Removal
Small Stain                      $30
Large Stain                      $60
Pet Treatment                 $60

Sanitation                        $30
Deodorizer                       $20
Fiber Protection              $30

** All prices listed above referring to standard and most common item sizes the prices are just a Starting reference point to give you a general idea and are not reflecting the final price the actual and the exact quote would be only given by the technician once he perform a full inspection of the items and area that need to be cleaned in order to determine the amount of time and the right process that need to be performed.
** 1 Carpet cleaning Room is define on a space up to 180 Sqf
** There is a minimum charge of $150 per appointment
** We do not accept cash or checks the only payment method we accept is credit card  or debit card 
** There is a 2 to 3 hours arrival window from the time of the appointment